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The car you get into each day to head off to go to work or run errands needs your attention. How long has it been since the oil has been changed? Have you ever replaced the air filter? These are just two of the things that your car needs to continue running you around each day. This blog will provide you with several tips for maintaining a car that runs when you need it and extend the life of the car that you rely on. Use the tips and you will have less problems with your car, truck, SUV or van.

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Got A Flat Tire? The Pros And Cons Of Replacing The Tire Rather Than Repairing It

A flat tire can ruin your day. You are driving along, trying to get where you need to go, when all of a sudden, you are stranded due to that flat. When this happens, you have a decision to make. You can decide whether to attempt to repair the tire by patching or plugging the tire or whether to simply replace the tire. There are pros and cons to both options. Learning about the pros and cons can help you which option is better for you. Here are the pros and cons of replacing the tire, rather than repairing it. 

The Cons of Replacing the Tire Rather Than Repairing It

  • The Cost

One of the cons associated with replacing the tire rather than repairing it is the cost. It is cheaper to repair a tire than it is to replace it. If you have a flat tire and are on a tight budget, repairing the tire can help you get back on the road without breaking your budget. Buying a new tire can be costly, depending on the size of tire you need and the brand you select.

  • Your Tires May Wear Unevenly

The other downside to replacing a tire rather than repairing it is that your other tires may wear unevenly. It is always recommended that you replace your tires at the same time. This helps them to all wear evenly. If one tire has more tread than the other tires, the tires may be uneven, causing uneven wear. 

The Pros of Replacing the Tire Rather Than Repairing It

  • Your Tire Lifespan Isn't Shortened

When a tire is patched or plugged, it has a shorter lifespan than a tire that is not patched or plugged. As such, when you get a flat tire, you may simply want to replace the tire, rather than patch it. You never know exactly how short the lifespan is of a patched or plugged tire, so selecting a new tire allows you to predict and estimate the lifespan of the tire. 

  • You Know the Tire is Safe

The other benefit to replacing a tire that has gone flat is that you know the tire is safe. Tires that are patched or plugged have a higher chance of suddenly blowing out compared to tires that have had no previous damage. This can help to keep you and your family safer, which is a major benefit. 

If you have a flat tire, visit a tire repair shop. They can help you determine whether a new tire or a flat repair may be better suited for you based on the age of the tire, the reason the tire is flat, the location of a tire puncture, and whether your tires are currently under warranty.