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The car you get into each day to head off to go to work or run errands needs your attention. How long has it been since the oil has been changed? Have you ever replaced the air filter? These are just two of the things that your car needs to continue running you around each day. This blog will provide you with several tips for maintaining a car that runs when you need it and extend the life of the car that you rely on. Use the tips and you will have less problems with your car, truck, SUV or van.

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Auto Repairs That Make Your Vehicle More Drivable

One of the biggest factors in a well-maintained vehicle is how responsive and drivable it is. When the vehicle has all of the maintenance it needs, it should handle in a predictable and easy fashion. Here are some factors that go into having a vehicle that handles well.


Brakes are a crucial part of drivability for your vehicle. If you can't stop in a timely fashion, it's a safety hazard to everyone involved. A good pair of brakes allow you to accelerate to a comfortable pace and know that you'll be able to stop in time. And for hybrid vehicle owners, good braking maintenance will actually contribute to fuel performance, due to the nature of the regenerative brakes in these vehicles; the cars use energy from efficient braking to power the vehicle itself.


Your tire traction will greatly affect your car's ability to grip the road and maneuver as expected. Don't put up with skidding while driving or braking. Did you also know that your tires affect your miles-per-gallon fuel performance? They are an important part of your car's overall health. If you want to be able to make quick and efficient turns, you'll also be relying on tires. So make sure they are properly inflated whenever you're on the road, and periodically check the tire tread to see when they need replacing.

Engine Maintenance

Engine maintenance is a big deal for drivability because it affects the power of the vehicle. In order to handle the vehicle with great maneuverability, you're relying on the ability of your car to accelerate and stop quickly. Many engine functions can go off and affect the car's power. Bad oil, dirty spark plugs, and weak fuse connections may all contribute to an engine that's sluggish and underpowered. Having auto repair done isn't optional if you want the best longevity and performance for your engine. 

Battery Checks

Battery maintenance is important for all vehicles, but especially for hybrids. When you have a car that relies on partial battery power, the condition of both batteries—the hybrid battery and the 12-volt battery—will affect the gas performance and acceleration responsiveness. That's because the 12-volt battery feeds off the main battery, which in turn contributes energy to the vehicle to propel it forward. Have a hybrid vehicle specialist keep an eye on your battery life, and make sure your engine is in good condition so that it doesn't wear on the batteries. 

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