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The car you get into each day to head off to go to work or run errands needs your attention. How long has it been since the oil has been changed? Have you ever replaced the air filter? These are just two of the things that your car needs to continue running you around each day. This blog will provide you with several tips for maintaining a car that runs when you need it and extend the life of the car that you rely on. Use the tips and you will have less problems with your car, truck, SUV or van.

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5 Audible Car Noises To Be Aware Of At Red Lights

As your vehicle goes in motion, there are a lot of sounds that can distract drivers. The air blowing through windows, other vehicles driving, and a car stereo are just a few of the noises that can distract drivers from hearing if a problem is wrong with the vehicle. As the car is stopped at a red light, you can get a good indication to any possible problems. There are a variety of noises you can hear at as red light that will indicate a problem. Browse through the following five different noises to help diagnosis any problems and possible auto repair that is needed.


When stopped at a red light, one of the biggest signs of a transmission problem is if your vehicle revs a lot before it catches hold and drives. This could indicate a major transmission problem or something smaller like a transmission leak. As the red light turns green, you may have to press the gas and hear the engine rev a few times before it finally jolts forward.

An auto repair technician will be able to diagnosis this problem and determine the cause. If this problem happens frequently at red lights, then you should take it to the repair shop as soon as possible.

Sputtering Engine

Sometimes an engine doesn't sound as healthy as it should. This is more evident when in an idle position at a red light. If you hear that your engine is sputtering and not making smooth sounds, then there could be multiple problems. The problems associated with this include air intake and valve issues. Typically this occurs when the car is in need of a tune up.

During a tune up appointment, a mechanic will replace wires, spark plugs, and other elements that have aged over time. Once the tune up is complete, your car will run healthier and avoid the sputtering sound that occurs when at an idle position.

Squeaking & Scraping

As your car pulls up to the red light, listen for any squeaking or scraping. Sounds like this often occur if you are having brake problems. A squeaking typically means that the brakes have worn down in the vehicle. This means that the brake pads should be replaced. Not only will this help you stop smoothly, but it can prevent additional brake damage in the future.

If the sound is a deep scraping, then it's likely that the pads have been completely worn off. This means that additional damage could be done to your brake rotors. During an evaluation of your vehicle, a mechanic will examine all of the brake pads to see what has worn down and what needs replacement.

Blinker Clicking

When stopped at a red light, you may be signaling to turn left or right. Paying attention to the blinker noises can help indicate when problems occur. If you have any blinker lights that are out, the blinkers will often blink at a fast rate. Not only will the sound be faster, but the dashboard light will blink extremely quickly as well.

Typically, this means that you need a basic bulb replacement for the vehicle. If the problem persists, there could be a fuse problem that a mechanic needs to fix. Vehicles have a number of fuses used to operate electronics, and problems may occur when they malfunction.

Muffler Noises

A muffler helps reduce noise and emissions from a vehicle. If your muffler is loose or has a crack, you will heard loud noises as you rev the vehicle and pull away from a red light. Even when the car is idle at the light, you will notice a louder noise from the rear of a vehicle. If the muffler is loose, then you run the risk of letting the muffler drop while you drive. By bringing it to a mechanic, you have the ability to mount the muffler or replace it with a functioning model.

Do not ignore the sounds coming from your car. If it's something you've never heard before, then there is likely a chance that something is wrong. Even if it's just a consultation, it's worth it to have your vehicle examined at a shop like Central Ave Auto Body